Why do we celebrate Independence Day in India?

When we talk about the Independence day of our country or someone say Happy Independence Day. Have you ever think why do we celebrate Independence Day? Why do we need to celebrate Independence Day?

If you never think about these question before it’s time to think that what is the real purpose of our independence and what we’re doing.

Let’s think together on this such a beautiful day Why we do we celebrate Independence day in India? The answer is simple Because this is the day India got freedom from British rule. The day is celebrated to remind sacrifices of those brave heroes who made this real. The independence day celebrated in India in the honor of their sacrifices and patriotism for our nation. Get independence from British rulers was not easy because they rule 200 years on sub-continent.

Why do we celebrate Independence Day in India

Who declared Indian Independence? and How many years did India get independence?

After a very long and hard struggle on 15th of August British Prime minister Clement Attlee announce India as a free country and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was declared as first prime minister of India.

The independence they get was not an easy way our leaders, soldiers and many others sacrifice their lives and due to their struggles, we got this country.

On 15 August 1947, it will be 73rd birth of India. (15 August 1947 – 15 August 2019).

How many years did British rule India?

We didn’t know exact figures but around 200 years of British rules on India.

Some other dates and myths tell a different story.

According to nationalinterest.in  Mysore state was won over in 1799, Marathas were finally defeated in 1818, and Sikh empire was finally defeated only by 1849.

According to this state, we can say nearly 100 years of British rules on India.

Why did the British leave India?

History shows us various reasons that force British leaders and their armies to leave India. Some of them we will discuss with you here…

The main reason that forced the British to leave sub-continent is awakening of leaders of sub-continent. The big role in this is two great leaders Quaid-e-Azam and Mahatma Gandhi. Both are very big leaders and their struggles and work impact on the British government. During all this Muhammad Ali Jinnah demand a separate country where all Muslims live as a free nation and they do their religious prays and festivals freely. This demand awakes all Muslims which cause the British a huge threat.

The 2nd reason for leaving sub-continent was world war II. in 1945 the second world war was about to end and the British government was losing. They didn’t handle war very well because of their bankruptcy and corruption. Due to this British was losing a huge amount of finance very fast and they struggle to solve their matters.

Also the British government loose election in 1945.

Another reason is that during the 1945 British election dominate and they won by the help of freedom fighter. British lose this election because they break their promise to give independence back to people.


The date 15 Aug Lord Mountbatten personally select this date because he thinks date 15th was very lucky for him. When the date decided for independence day, the astrologer “workaround” suggest the time midnight between 14th and 15 August.

What was India called before British rule?

Before Independence, the actual name of India was “Bharatvarsha”. 

When Sudas king of the Aryan tribe defeat 5 Aryan and 5 Non-Aryan tribes in a single battle. Many mention different names some of them are “Indoi” people of India, Hinduš, Indus, Hindoostan, Hindustan.

How do you celebrate independence day in India?

As we know, that on every 15 August we celebrate the independence day of India. On this day every Indian celebrates independence with joy and passion. On this day we also celebrate the culture of India. On 15 August everyone meets their relatives their neighbors and children. They exchange sweets, dishes, recipes and share with each other. Children wear new dresses and caps who matched with the Indian flag. On that, every Indian day talks about the independence day and remind the national heroes who played an important role in the independence of India.


This is a very precious day for all India. We should celebrate this day with peace. And we should never forget the true meaning of this day. We must remember our great leaders, soldiers, and their sacrifices. Happy Independence day to all of you.

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