Republic day speech in English for teachers

Republic Day is experiencing the enthusiasm, citizens to celebrate each other’s January 26 speeches to make the Republic Day calls. Google did not forget the Republic Day, the glorious flag of the doodle, 26 January , the site has made people proud

republic day speech in English

Republic day speeches

Republic day is very precious day for all of us. SO on this event their are many who sets programs to celebrate republic day in schools, colleges and offices and other places. So You have to need wonderful words which you speak and wish this republic day to others. SO here we provide you the compilation of Republic day Speeches for teachers and Students in English.

So no further chit chat. Below you see the list of Republic day speeches in English for teachers and students.

1. Republic day speech in English for teachers

Hi! First of all i am very thankful to all of the you people who come on 64th republic day and give me the opportunity to say some thing on this wonderful republic day.

Whether you are strong, high-minded and physically strong and highly-characterized. Happy Republic Day!

26 January Happy Republic Day. The Republic is so beautiful and we have to stay together and face all challenges together.

In these days that we celebrate the 64th anniversary of our Republic, we wish to pursue the future with great hope, faith and diligence, and our determination and determination. ”Happy Republic Day“

We directly love the nation and the Indian nationalist. The foundation of our republic is the Indian community.

A free society is a day without tomorrow.

The price of an honorable life, regardless of what is paid. Small games, small players. They don’t know the manners of drowning in the ocean! The Republic is virtue. To celebrate the birthday of our country, to live by this day is good to us.

Today, Our flag is so higher. We proud to be part of this republic day. We wish everyone peace on this wonderful rebulic day.

Republic Day means to wake up the day with joy and happiness. My dear country and my nation is very happy, full of peace, and we have to stay togethor and make this peace until we have life.

Twenty-six January We meet gleefully because in this day we have lost to the great republic. Your Republic holiday is happy and glorious.

I congratulate your Republic with these emotions ..

The Republic is so beautiful.O rising new generation! You’re the future. We builded the republic, you are the ones who raise it and keep it alive.

Republic, high moral values ​​and qualifications is an administration. Republic is the phase. Happy Republic Day ..

26 January Happy Republic Day. As children, we remember our leaders and those people who play their role to get our freedom with longing and longing.

2. Republic day speech in English for teachers

My wisdom will be a day of my body. But the Republic of India will remain stand forever.
We hope that the Republic will be proud of all the challenges and achievements that will enable us to look at the future with a great hope. ”Happy Republic Day“

Blessed is the presence of our Republic which is given to our homeland without thinking of our lives. Let the soul of the fool

The Republic is open to freedom of opinion. We respect every idea on the condition of being sincere and legitimate.

O rising new generation! You’re the future. We builded the republic, you are the ones who raise it and keep it alive.

The Republic, with its new and sound principles, has been a harbinger of a new life for the Indian nation, as well as for the security it creates in the original ideas and souls, as well as in the way of a safe and secure future.The Republic of India will be happy, successful and victorious. 26 January 1950

Our Republic is not as weak as it is thought. The Republic is not free. We shed blood to get it. We shed our red blood everywhere. We are ready to do what is necessary to defend our institutions if necessary.

They will easily understand that it is not possible to keep it alive even if the Republican administration is declared in the form of a state obliging a rotten dynasty to keep its head away from the top of the head.

3. Republic day speech for teachers

Dear Governor, Dear Mayor, Mr. Garrison Commander, Mr. Chief Public Prosecutor, Dear Heads of Department, Dear Teacher Friends, Dear Students, Distinguished Guests;

On January 26, “the nation’s character and the most appropriate to the administration, the Republican administration.” Republic, declared by the Indian Nation is the greatest legacy and indispensable value.

In the Republic, sovereignty is unconditionally the nation. In this administration, the right to vote and the right to be elected. The state management, classes, families of people, can not be left to a group. All members of the group can participate in the management and have a voice.

The greatest virtue of the Republic is to raise awareness of Indian society as a nation and to elevate the individual to the position of a citizen.

The distance we have made with the secular, democratic Republican regime towards goal as a modern civilized country is not to be underestimated. The Republic has given us the consciousness of being a nation, an honorable member of the world nations.

There is also a success story of the year … the Republic of India is a civilizing story. We are proud of the achievements of the Republic. Today, Indian is secular and democratic Republic in a modern country, experienced, despite the economic crisis, one of the world’s largest 25 economies of the considerable mentioned power, is a candidate country to a factor of stability and the European Union.

Republic of India without compromising secular and democratic understanding, the draw is moving rapidly towards modern civilization. In no power that can not be prevented and the Republic of India will live forever. Let us not leave the scientific and rational path that is our leaders legacy.

Societies devoid of rights and freedoms cannot survive and live. Therefore, the most important task for us and future generations; to defend the indivisible integrity with its territory and nation, the Republic of Indian,  principles and reforms maintain their arms to be sensitive against internal and external threats.

The Republic is the best system to develop democracy. If the Indian Nation can connect with the Republic, and elevate it, it can benefit from the blessings of democracy and takes its place in contemporary societies.

With these feelings and thoughts; The Republic celebrates the anniversary of the foundation, the great leaders and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for this sake.

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