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Privacy Policy

1. Submit, use, and personal information

(1) Collection items

When you receive an order for goods or gifts, we may ask you for your personal information.
In any case, please customize it.

(2) Collected content

To identify people and contact you, we can ask you about your name, address, phone number, and so on.
Depending on the service you use, you can also be asked for the email address, age (age) etc.

(3) Purpose of Use

Our personal information is a satisfactory guidance and guide to listening to you whether the customer is registered with the product or service you requested, the service provided by customers etc. · We will use the information about the customer when we need to contact our clients due to the supply of information and other reasons, our company may be useful.

(4) supply

We will not collect and use our personal information without our consent.
Even if you agree, we will only use it in the consent of its consent, and we will not provide such personal information to third parties unless there is a contract or where the law is needed.
In addition, if you get approval, we do not offer personal information per second.

Continuous improvement

We will review and improve our internal structure at any time regarding the working condition (1), (2), (3) and (4) above.