Indian Independence Day 2018: History of India about partition between Pakistan and India 71 years so far

Indian Independence Day 2018: Seventy-One years ago, the division began, dividing British India into two new independent states: India and Pakistan.

The Subcontinent was one of the main economic assets of the British Empire, which ruled from London almost 100 years ago.

But it paved the way for many other colonial countries through its campaign for independence and granted it in 1947 when it was issued by the British parliamentary government and divided into what was known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of India.

Indian Independence Day 2018

However, the leaders of the two countries quickly discovered that hope and optimism that night would quickly become the harsh realities of how to deal with one of the largest mass exoduses in modern history and sectarian violence and for this whole struggle, I say happy Indian Independence Day 2018 and happy Pakistan Independence Day 2018.

The following is a short history about Pakistan Independence and Indian Independence: Indian Independence Day 2018

How the movement of  Independence of Indian and Pakistani start?


The Indian independence movement began in 1857. The first supporters led the military revolts against British rule, but the leaders of the Indian National Congress, founded in 1885, pushed for more rights for the Indians in terms of broad civil service and property. from the earth.

Happy Independence Day 2018

Silent message

From the 1920s onward, Mahatma Gandhi established himself as the leader of the Indian Independence Movement. His faith in civil rights and nonviolent struggle inspired a generation. Many inspiring activists came to the fore, such as T. Ambedkar, who advocated for greater rights for the lower classes, who were treated under British colonial rule.

In 1942, Congress launched the “Quit India” movement. Britain has promised to lead the fight against Nazism in World War II, along with 2.5 million Indian soldiers, to give India independence after the war. After the Battle of England, Gandhi said he would not take India out of the devastating ashes of Britain.

However, at the end of the war and with its weakened empire, Britain could not resist the overwhelming demand for independence. Both the Congress and the Muslim League, led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, dominated the elections. In addition, Clement Attlee, the British prime minister now, was in favor of independence.

In an atmosphere of growing sectarian tensions and wing pressure, which argued that Muslims must have their own state, the Montpaten plan was hastily set. British India was divided along broad religious lines. The problem is that millions of Muslims live in what can become India with a Hindu majority and a large number of Hindus and Sikhs living in Pakistan, which is considered a Muslim majority.

Sir Cyril Radcliffe, who led the Boundary Commission, proposed the Radcliffe line, which was a “divisional division” of the vast country based on most simple regions. He presented his plan on the western and eastern borders on August 9, 1947, only five days before it went into effect.

The countries celebrated on different days because Lord Montpaten, the deputy king of British India, had to attend the Pakistani celebration on August 14 and then travel to Delhi for the first Indian Independence Day on August 15.

King George VI remained president of the State of India until the Constitution of the country was established in 1950. Similarly, Pakistan maintained control of the Crown until 1956, when its Constitution came into force.

Mass migration led to the split:

The separation of borderlines established by the British at the end of their colonial government began on the eve of midnight on August 14, 1947, and tell now 72 years Indian Independence Day 2018.

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In the days, weeks and months after partition, 15 million Hindus and Sikhs, fearing discrimination, changed countries in a state of spasm that cost more than a million people.

During the anarchic transition, the looted vehicles arrived at railway stations in the cities of Lahore and Amritsar in the Punjab province, which were almost split in the middle.

At least one million people died during the trip, and the rest was poured into embryonic camps built in cities that were already on the brink of violence, looting, and food shortages.
In New Delhi, where law and order collapsed almost completely, tens of thousands of Muslims took refuge behind the walls of the 16th-century Humayan cemetery waiting for a safe passage to Pakistan.

The shops were set up in the beautiful gardens around the stunning mausoleums, which inspired Taj Mahal and extended to surround the smaller tombs of the Mongols.

When space became scarce, whole families were clustered with their property on the upper exposed levels of the grand courtyard of the monumental dome monument.

Historian Yasmin Khan wrote in her book “The Great Partition” that the fountains of the majestic tomb of Humayan “became very dirty with the human dirt that had to be filled with sand.”

‘People were running around with knives, swords and guns’

While India was ready to celebrate the 70th anniversary of independence, during the distribution, those who witnessed death and destruction were referring to terrible stories.

Santa and Niranjan Singh brothers were quite fortunate that they were on the Pakistani side of the new border to avoid crossing from Bhushan village to their current home in Saringra, India.

At 15 or 16 years old, Santa says that everyone is moving to get blood. People were walking with knives, swords and rifles.

Telling Santa Reuters that 12 people of his village have died in his madness and say they are taking the injured brothers in the border after shooting at the head.
Santa said, “His pillar turned aside and his face came out.” He recalled a collective memorandum for his elder family. “We took it completely and died after reaching it.”

His younger brother Narinjen was only 5 years old but still, the dead bodies were killed and people were killed, and raped stories of women and girls.

Now brothers live with their children and grandchildren and establish their green green land only for two miles from the drying ground.

Why is there always chaos in Kashmir

Shams Naseem was 10 years old when he saw his Muslim father and grandfather and six of his aunt killed by a Hindu crowd in Udhampur, a district of the controversial Himalayan region.

80, NASA told the Associated Press that we are suddenly scattered. He ran away from his mother and four brothers, and the family had still settled with the Muslim majority in Srinagar, the main city was still divided on the Indian control edge.

India and Pakistan have fought their three fighters on Kashmir. Today, each makes its part, separated by a strong military control line. China controls a small third party.

After passing through these early days, when there was old rich to join one of the two states, there was no meaning for Kashmir’s last position. Muslim majority have repeatedly increased against the Maharaja’s Maharaja and plan to be independent. Pakistani tribesmen tried to overcome, soldiers in this area have promised to maintain peace and maintain a referendum. Thousands of people have been killed in hundreds of thousands of Hindus in the South Jammu region, Pakistan or Pakistan are running control over Kashmir from their homes.

The division Division “Kashmir is not divided”, Nisa said. “But whatever I can do, I capture its parts.”

Breakfast finally became a teacher and got married and had three daughters and a son. After her husband’s recent death, she lived with her son. Since 1947, “I can not live alone” during the violence. “My heart is the pain of pain.”

It is still true that the division is the right step for the South Society – if only Kashmir can decide its own standpoint.

“I think it was the right decision, and we also say that Kashmir should be free (from India).”

War, Peace, and parade on borders

India and Pakistan have fought three wars since 1947, and their relations are intertwined, especially when it comes to Kashmir, which it claims to be fully involved in both.

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Even with the massacre of the massacre that was distributed in history, at the time of colored science, armed neighbors began rebuilding their fighters at the colorful flag ceremony, Sun Suraj The border is located on the border between Amritsar. And Lahore.

Notice the thousands of supporters of each national country of national border guards, who take goats together, and throw their feet and lungs to their daily earnings. Exit through

During this event, Indian and Pakistani soldiers are sometimes broken, but the worst with the border.

Kashmir is divided into rivals and claimed by both, a permanent conflict with a dispute between the official name of the controversial border, daily clashes, and control of the line (LC).

A 28-year-old woman named Mohammed Hassib was killed while working in the field in Nicole, Pakistan, on the first day of his birthday.

“We do not know when we will be shot,” he told AFP.

In the last 30 years, thousands of people, mostly Muslims in Kashmir, were Indians. India says about 40 militants have been killed this year to keep the border at the border. Nine Indian soldiers were killed on the local population.

Today’s prospects for entente look slim


Cricket is a national game for both countries, but in 2007, another test was not found for five days in any other country.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moody had gone to Pakistan in 2015 but relations have become too frozen because the former Indian naval officer was killed in Pakistan’s custody.

For most politicians, monitors, and workers, India and Pakistan can not only divide it.

Pakistan has been in a new political chaos, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came out of corruption allegations. But both sides are banning Moody’s discomfort from Moody.

“Since India is Hindu India, which acts as an Islamic mirror in Pakistan, I have no chance to understand any agreement.” Former Indian Foreign Minister Man Shankar Asir said that as a diplomat, the country was the first consulate general. In the Pakistani city of Lahore.

India and Pakistan need a “smart” French angle and then hold serious talks.

Pakistan’s respected political analyst Hassan Kakari said the two countries have difficulties and relations may be worse than ever.

“The current tension between India and Pakistan is unmatched, so I do not expect it to come every time,” he told AFP.

“It’s really bad, as no conversation has happened,” he added.

How Pakistan Enjoy their Independence Day

Pakistan reported that Pakistan celebrated the 71th birthday of British flag independence with a national parade from British India, which resulted in a large flag and aerial power manifestation.

Pakistan Independence Day 2018

In the middle of the night, the celebration started with fireworks in big cities.

Wagga’s largely symbolic border with India, Army Commander General Gamer Javed Bajwa raised a large national flag of 120 football while the people kept slogans.

Following the bold performance of Saddam, Bajwa said the country is developing and “has promised to pursue every terrorist in Pakistan.”

“We have made a few mistakes in the past, but we are on the path of development under the guidance of our Constitution.”



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