Holy Saturday 2020 Quotes Images Facts

Holy Saturday 2020 Quotes Images Facts

holy Saturday 2019 Quotes Images facts

Holy Saturday also called Great Saturday. Holy Saturday 2020 falls on Saturday 20, April.

Holy Saturday 2020 Facts

1. “During Holy Saturday, the Church remains at the sepulcher of the Lord, meditating on her passion and death, her descent into hell and waiting in prayer and fasting for her resurrection (Circ 73).

2. It is the day of silence: the Christian community watches over the sepulcher. The bells and instruments are silent. Hallelujah is rehearsed but in a low voice. It is a day to deepen. To contemplate. The altar is stripped. The tabernacle, open and empty.

3. The Cross is enthroned since yesterday. Central, illuminated, with a red cloth, with a victory laurel. God is dead. He has wanted to overcome with his own pain the evil of humanity.

4. It is the day of the absence. The Husband has been taken from us. Day of pain, of rest, of hope, of loneliness. Christ himself is silent. He, who is the Word, the Word, is silent. After his last cry of the cross “why have you forsaken me?” – now he is silent in the sepulcher. Rest: “consummatum est”, “everything has been fulfilled”.

5. But this silence can be called fullness of the word. The annihilation is eloquent. “Fulget crucis mysterium”: “the mystery of the Cross shines.”

6. Saturday is the day we experience emptiness. If faith, anointed with hope, did not see the ultimate horizon of this reality, we would fall into discouragement: “we hoped …”, said the disciples of Emmaus.

7. It is a day of meditation and silence. Something similar to the scene described in the book of Job, when the friends who went to visit him, upon seeing his condition, remained speechless, astonished at his immense pain: “they sat on the ground next to him, for seven days and seven nights, and no one said a word to him, because they saw that the pain was very great “(Job 2, 13).

8. Of course, it is not an empty day in which “nothing happens”. Not a duplicate of Friday. The great lesson is this: Christ is in the sepulcher, he has come down to the place of the dead, to the depths where a person can go down. And next to Him, like his Mother Mary, is the Church, the wife. Shut up, like him.

9. The Sabbath is at the very heart of the Easter Triduum. Between the death of Friday and the resurrection of Sunday, we stop at the sepulcher. A bridge day, but with personality. There are three aspects – not so many chronological moments – of one and the same mystery, the mystery of Jesus’ Passover: dead, buried, resurrected:

10. “… he stripped himself of his rank and took the condition of a slave … he lowered himself even to the point of death, that is, he knew the state of death, the state of separation between his soul and his body, during the time understood between the moment He expired on the cross and the moment He rose again. This state of Christ dead is the mystery of the sepulcher and the descent into the underworld. It is the mystery of Holy Saturday in which Christ deposited in the tomb manifests the great sabbath rest of God after realizing the salvation of men, which establishes in peace the entire universe.”

Holy Saturday 2019 quotes

Holy Saturday 2020 quotes

Top 7 Holy Saturday 2020 quotes

1. “To be sure, it was not Easter Sunday but Holy Saturday, but, the more I reflect on it, the more this seems to be fitting for the nature of our human life: we are still awaiting Easter; we are not yet standing in the full light but walking toward it full of trust.”
― Pope Benedict

2. “On Holy Saturday I do my best to live in that place, that wax-crayon place of trust and waiting. Of accepting what I cannot know. Of mourning what needs to be mourned. Of accepting what needs to be accepted. Of hoping for what seems impossible.” ― Jerusalem Jackson Greer
Holy Saturday 2020 quotes

3. “He cannot do anything deliberate now. The strain of his whole weight on his outstretched arms hurts too much. The pain fills him up, displaces thought, as much for him as it has for everyone else who has ever been stuck to one of these horrible contrivances, or for anyone else who dies in pain from any of the world’s grim arsenal of possibilities. And yet he goes on taking in. It is not what he does, it is what he is. He is all open door: to sorrow, suffering, guilt, despair, horror, everything that cannot be escaped, and he does not even try to escape it, he turns to meet it and claims it all as his own. This is mine now, he is saying; and he embraces it with all that is left in him, each dark act, each dripping memory as if it were something precious as if it were itself the loved child tottering homeward on the road. But there is so much of it. So many injured children; so many locked rooms; so much lonely anger; so many bombs in public places; so much vicious zeal; so many bored teenagers at roadblocks; so many drunk girls at parties someone thought they could have a little fun with; so many jokes that go too far; so much ruining greed; so much sick ingenuity; so much burned skin. The world he claims, claims him. It burns and stings, it splinters and gouges, it locks him round and drags him down… “holy Saturday quotes from the bible”

All-day long, the next day, the city is quiet. The air above the city lacks the usual thousand little trails of smoke from cookfires. Hymns rise from the temple. Families are indoors. The soldiers are back in barracks. The Chief Priest grows hoarse with singing. The governor plays chess with his secretary and dictates letters. The free bread the temple distributed to the poor has gone stale by midday but tastes all right dipped in water or broth. Death has interrupted life only as much as it ever does. We die one at a time and disappear, but the life of the living continues. The earth turns. The sun makes its way towards the western horizon no slower or faster than it usually does.

Early Sunday morning, one of the friends comes back with rags and a jug of water and a box of the grave spices that are supposed to cut down on the smell. She’s braced for the task. But when she comes to the grave she finds that the linen’s been thrown into the corner and the body is gone. Evidently anonymous burial isn’t quite anonymous enough, after all. She sits outside in the sun. The insects have woken up, here at the edge of the desert, and a bee is nosing about in lily-like silk thinly tucked over itself, but much more perishable. It won’t last long. She takes no notice of the feet that appear at the edge of her vision. That’s enough now, she thinks. That’s more than enough. Don’t be afraid, says Yeshua. Far more can be mended than you know. She is weeping. The executive helps her to stand up.” ― Francis Spufford.
Holy Saturday 2020 quotes

4. “People referred to the symbolism of the empty Cross more than once on its journey. It would seem obvious to point to our faith in Jesus’ resurrection. It’s not quite so simple though. The Cross is bare, but in and of itself the empty Cross does not point directly to the Resurrection. It says only that the body of Jesus was removed from the Cross. If a crucifix is a symbol of Good Friday, then it is the image of the empty tomb that speaks more directly of Easter and resurrection. The empty cross is a symbol of Holy Saturday. It’s an indicator of the reality of Jesus’ death, of His sharing in our mortal coil. At the same time, the empty Cross is an implicit sign of impending resurrection, and it tells us that the Cross is not only a symbol of hatred, violence, and inhumanity: it says that the Cross is about something more.

The empty Cross also tells us not to jump too quickly to the resurrection, as if the Resurrection were a trump card that somehow absolves us from suffering. The Resurrection is not a divine ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card that immunizes people from pain, suffering or death. To jump too quickly to the Resurrection runs the risk of trivializing people’s pain and seemingly mapping out a way through suffering that reduces the reality of having to live in pain and endure it at times. For people grieving, introducing the message of the Resurrection too quickly cheapens or nullifies their sense of loss. The empty cross reminds us that we cannot avoid suffering and death. At the same time, the empty Cross tells us that, because of Jesus’ death, the meaning of pain, suffering and our own death has changed, that these are not all-crushing or definitive. The empty Cross says that the way through to resurrection must always break-in from without as something new, that it cannot be taken hold of in advance of suffering or seized as a panacea to pain. In other words, the empty Cross is a sign of hope. It tells us that the new life of God surprises us, comes at a moment we cannot expect and reminds us that experiences of pain, grief, and dying are suffused with the presence of Christ, the One Who was crucified and is now risen.” ― Chris Ryan MGL
Holy Saturday 2020 quotes

5. “Something strange is happening – there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The whole earth keeps silence because the King is asleep.”
― Anonymous

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