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Auto Insurance With Full Coverage at Cheap Rate

Before we jump into the complete details and further discussion, let me tell you straight the average cost for a full coverage auto insurance per year is $2,399 or $200 per month. The price is double compared to those auto insurance that meet the minimum requirements of auto insurance companies. However, each state has its rule and regulation that depends on multiple factors, and we analyze different insurance companies that provide auto insurance. Then we rank auto insurance on their rates and other factors later in this post; you will see a list of auto insurance providers.


The problem is no single insurance companies provide you full coverage at a cheap rate. You will see different companies that offer everything completely perfect, but one only thing will not meet at the quality you required. So you must analyze each insurance and then decide which is the best company that provides auto insurance with full coverage at a cheap rate.


We found different companies that have an excellent reputation, and they offer auto insurance with full coverage at cheap rates. We make a list of, and Erie companies provide the most affordable rate auto insurance that will meet your minimum requirement. So you can see this list.


The cheapest auto insurance provider company we choose is Erie. It is an insurance company located in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States. Erie insurance company provides auto insurance with full coverage at $127 for a month, and if you go for minimum coverage for a month, then it will cost you in $36. In other companies, we include State Farm that offers in $145 for a month, and minimum coverage for a month is $38. Others are Farm Bureau Mutual (IA Group), American Family, Auto-Owners Insurance Co, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive, Metropolitan, Travelers. These are total 10 companies now you can see the corresponding rates for a month $148, $170, $176, $180, $191, $199, $204, $251.


The average rates are we tell you, but keep in mind these rates are regulated each state to state. So if you are from another state and you may found different rates. Auto insurance with full coverage rates for each state is the following. AL ($173), AK ($125), AZ ($225), AR ($184), CA ($150), CO ($264), CT ($218), DE ($209), D.C ($233). So it is the cheapest rate of auto insurance with the state.


We hope you will get an idea of rates of auto insurance with full coverage.


What is a full coverage policy, and is it worth it?


When we talk about full coverage policy, these are mostly cost your three times expensive compared to usual insurance policies. But the question is, paying three times extra will worth you or not. You will not find any specific definition of full coverage policy, but you can say insurance that includes comprehensive and collision insurance. Now, what is mean by comprehensive and collision, so let’s find out about them? Comprehensive insurance means when your vehicle damaged in a natural way related to your driving; it includes accidents caused by wether ( tree falling, hail), Vandalism, theft, having any collision with animals on the road, and so on.


On the other side, collision insurance means when your vehicle accidentally hit another vehicle or solid structure. For example, your car accidentally hit another car or stationary object. But keep in mind it should be unintentionally.


Comprehensive and collision insurance are paid according to the cost of the vehicle. For example, you have a car that costs around $4000, and you have a deductible of $1,500. Your insurance provider provides you $2500 — the remaining $1500 you have to pay from your pocket.




Different insurance companies offer auto insurance with full coverage at a cheap rate. Some of the most trusted insurance companies we provide you in the above section, you can check them out. Also, we mention prices according to each company and state. You can check them as well. Also, we provide you what means full coverage policy, plans, and other related questions. We hope this guide will help you to understand about Auto insurance.


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