Ash Wednesday 2020 quotes, Prayers, and Reflections

Ash Wednesday 2020 quotes, Prayers, and Reflections. Ash Wednesday is a special day for Catholics.

ash Wednesday 2019 quotes prayers reflections

Ash Wednesday (Latin Dies Cinerum) opens Lent in the Latin rite of the Catholic, Anglican and some Lutheran churches, lasting 45 days (or 46 days in a leap year) and ending with Easter.

On this day, in accordance with ancient custom, the sign of the cross is consecrated with ashes on the forehead of the believers. In the Jewish tradition, dusting the head with ashes symbolizes grief and repentance.

The Church began to lay ashes on the heads of the public repentant, after confessing their sins. From the 10th century, all the faithful began to sprinkle ashes on their heads to signify their introduction to the path of conversion. In the 14th century, the laying of ashes was already common in the Western Church.

During the ceremony of laying the ashes, the priest repeats: “Repent and believe in the Gospel” or “Remember that you are dust and come back to dust.” These words and actions symbolize the heartbreak and repentance with which the Christian begins fasting.

Palm (or palm) branches, preserved from the last holiday of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), are burned, and the collected ashes are consecrated. The fire that burns the branches of the willows points to the fire of love, which turns all the sinful into ashes.

The Catholic Church distinguishes between the notions of “fasting” and “abstaining from meat”. Abstaining from meat food is mandatory on all Fridays of the year, except for major holidays. On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, the Church instructs believers to observe strict fasting – on this day you cannot eat meat, and fasting food can be eaten enough only once a day.

In the case when someone cannot observe the necessary prescriptions, the Church allows spending the days of repentance otherwise. For all the importance of bodily abstinence, mercy and prayer are even more important.

It must be said that in Orthodoxy Lent begins on Monday, also called Clean Monday.

Share your joy of this celebration with Ash Wednesday 2020 quotes, prayers, and reflections on the meaning of this Catholic holiday.

Ash Wednesday 2020 quotes

Ash Wednesday quotes

Top 15 Ash Wednesday 2020 quotes.

  1. The words that are used for the imposition of ashes are: Remember that dust you are and in the dust, you will become and Convert and believe in the Gospel??
  2. The ashes represent our mortality and are an external sign of our condition as sinners. Mathew Warner.
  3. The suggestive ceremony of the ashes elevates our minds to the eternal reality that never happens, to God; beginning and end, alpha and omega of our existence? John Paul II.
  4. With the rite of the imposition of the ashes, the Church takes the austere route towards Easter. It is a time of conversion, deepening of the faith, intense prayer, and charity. Benedict XVI.
  5. With penance, we overcome the spirit of evil. Therefore, it is necessary that on this day we exercise temperance in food, in thoughts and feelings. Avoiding ostentation, doing an interior job hidden before the eyes of men??
  6. There is no such thing as an empty church on an Ash Wednesday. Catholics have deep-seated in their minds the idea that if you only go to church once a year, that day will be an Ash Wednesday??.
  7. The imposition of the ashes reminds us that our life on earth is temporary and that our definitive life is in Heaven??
  8. “It cannot be surprising that of all the holy days of the Church, Ash Wednesday is the one that most resonates with the mentality of the agnostic and the atheist. After all, the phrase ‘You come from dust and dust will come back’ is almost the only thing on which an agnostic can be sure. I interpret it as a call to live in the present. David Rattigan
  9. “Carnival Tuesday is a kind of day of madness and stupidity. That’s why the carnival makes sense, pretending to be foolish and stupid before moving on to the gravity of Ash Wednesday. Pat Eidsness
  10. “The cross that the ashes trace on us is the sign of Christ’s victory over death. The words ‘Remember that you are dust and dust will return’ should not be interpreted as a kind of ‘sacrament of death’ (as if such a thing were possible). It could be a good stoicism to receive a mere reminder of our death sentence, but that is not Christianity. Thomas Merton
  11. “With penance, we overcome the spirit of evil. Therefore, it is necessary that on this day we exercise temperance in the diet, in the thoughts, and in the feelings. Avoiding ostentation, doing a hidden internal job before the eyes of men.
  12. “There is no such thing as an empty church on an Ash Wednesday. Catholics have a deep-rooted idea in their minds that if they only go to church once a year, that day will be an Ash Wednesday.
  13. “The imposition of the ashes reminds us that our life on earth is temporary and that our definitive life is in Heaven.
  14. “The imposition of the ashes has a double meaning, one of desperation, because it describes the reality of what we have done to ourselves; the other of hope, because it describes the new reality that God has made for us. David Mills
  15. “Before I smoked, but in 1959 I could not think of anything else to give up in Lent, so I quit the habit, and I have not smoked a single cigarette since then. Ethel Merman

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ash Wednesday 2019 quotes

Ash Wednesday 2020 catholic prayer

Short Celtic Opening Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Heavenly Father,
Let us pray
[for the grace to faithfully follow Lent]
protect us in our fight against evil.
As we begin the discipline of Lent, we
sanctify this time through our self-denial.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ
who lives and reigns with you and with the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.
International Committee on English in the Liturgy (ICEL)

Short Catholic Alternative Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Heavenly Father,
the light of your truth grants sight
to the darkness of sinful eyes.
May this time of repentance
bring us the blessing of your forgiveness
and the gift of your light.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
International Committee on English in the Liturgy (ICEL)

Ash Wednesday 2020 Reflection

On Wednesday, March 9, Ash WednesdayLent begins or 40 days of preparatory penance for the great Holy Week. At the time of the imposition of the ashes on our head, the priest reminds us of the words of Genesis, after the original sin: “Remember man that you are dust and dust you have to convert” (Gen. 3.19). Remember, the Bible tells us, because many times we forget that without the Lord we are nothing, because without God there is nothing left but a little pile of dust.

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Lent must manifest in the eyes of the world that all the people of God who are sinners are preparing with penance to relive the liturgy of the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ.

Lent is to return to the Father, it is to rise up, that Father who is in heaven and in the person of the priest who is in the confessional, to whom we can say: “I have sinned against heaven”. But not only that, it is to return to the husband, to the wife, to the children, dedicating attention to their problems, to their education. Return to the elderly parents waiting for the visit of the son. It is to return to other people in need of help, understanding, esteem. Because we have also sinned against them, and Lent invites us to totally open our minds and our hearts to listen to the voice of the Lord and to return to Him, and to be even more sensitive to the sufferings of those around us.

Lent is penance, and the penance that the Lord asks the most, as Christians in the midst of the world, must be discreet and joyful. The life of the Christian can be full of penance that God sees, the offering of sickness or fatigue, finished work and well done for the love of God, signs of charity that tend to facilitate the way to God towards others.

The mortification and the life of penance to which Lent calls us has as its motive co-redemption, participation in the sufferings of Christ, participation in the same Chalice of the Lord.

The spirit of Penance and mortification is manifested in ordinary life, in the work of each day without the need to wait for extraordinary occasions. Penance is the exact fulfillment of the schedule that is set, even if the body resists. Penance is not to leave for later, without a justified reason, that task is more difficult … Penance is when we subject ourselves lovingly to a plan of prayer even though there is fatigue. Penance consists of supporting with good humor the thousand small setbacks of the day, in not abandoning the occupation even if the illusion with which it was begun has passed.

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