A woman arrested for making posters of the Virgin with the LGBT symbol on her halo

A woman has been arrested in the city of Plock (central Poland) for making posters with the image of the Virgin of Czestochowa, the icon of the Virgin Mary most revered by the Poles, with the rainbow flag, a symbol of the collective LGBT, in its halo.
The Polish interior minister, Joachim Brudziski, informed through his Twitter account that a person had been arrested for “desecrating the Virgin Mary of Czestochowa.” The 51-year-old woman had been abroad until Monday when the police showed up at her home. When registering the house, several dozen images of the Virgin Mary were found with the halo with the colors of the rainbow, the minister said.

The crime of desecration of a religious symbol is punishable in Poland with up to two years in prison. The arrest comes at a time of controversy in the relations between the Polish ruling party, the nationalist Law and justice force, and the LGTB collective, coinciding with the electoral campaign for European elections.

Posters found in the house of the detainee.

The LGTB collective has been questioned from the ranks of the government party, which it accuses of pretending to destroy the family and sexualize children through education. It is not the first time that Poland is the center of attention for reasons that concern religion. In April, a group of Polish Catholic priests burned several objects they considered contrary to “respect for God. ” Among these objects were Harry Potter books or a Hello Kitty umbrella.

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