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6th September Defense Day Speech: The Day of Defense is celebrated on September 6. It is a national holiday in Pakistan to celebrate the success. The war of Pakistan against India in 1965 celebrated on 6th September in the memory of the people and martyrs.

The country has sacrificed its life of their young man’s. We were attracted to the battle by the Indian army on the night of 6th September.

Pakistan Defense Day Speech

Indian army is in the great numbers and the number becomes very large. 53 years ago, the brave people of Pakistan showed great courage during this war of luck. They showed that a nation affected by the true spirit of jihad cannot be conquered by the most powerful powers.

The whole country is proud of the highest success of its armed forces in the war in 1965. We respect the courage and bravery of our warriors and we are deeply in debt to our pride, that show us the path of final glory.

Like us also Pakistan’s defense forces are honored to follow their brilliant examples and are always ready to end the design of the enemy with similar feelings and passion.

Pakistan celebrates this day just to tell the origin of Pakistan, which at a critical moment people were brave and used to be proud to offer sacrifice your life to protect your country.

September 6 begins with special prayers for peace and prosperity in Pakistan and the atmosphere of patriotic obsession emerges.

Throughout the country, Everyone decides in their minds that they will do something that will be important for the country.
The Pakistan Army shows the last weapons used in the army for various purposes in different places.

National songs and special documentaries and the martyrs of September 6 are shown on television on September 6, 1965.

It is old that people sacrificed themselves to protect the country and now what is the responsibility of the younger generation. Allah can give us strength and vision to fulfill our responsibility towards the nation.

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Pakistan Defense Day Speech: Mr. President, my valuable class, and respected audience! Today, the subject of my discussion is “Pakistan Defense Day”.

Today is September 6, “Pakistan Defense Day” We pride ourselves as the day of defense of our sweets.

The whole world knows that in 1965, the terrifying, mutual and the milestone of the Pakistani army crushed enemy planning, organized and secret aggression. It reduced all the pride and envy of pride in the upper part of the Indian army. In Iqbal’s words:

Not only do we fear the tree
We make the Ghori the main river of Zalmat

Brothers and sisters, Pakistan was not a charity. It was not made to save the earth. And it was not done in a day. Pakistan is the result of Islamic ideology.

Mr. President! During the movement of Pakistan for the freedom of the Indian Muslims, Kodo Azam clarified that we are not believers, we are a nation according to the definition of “nation”.

Our religions, our culture, our history and the ways of thinking: we are not only Hindus in all aspects of our lives, but also our heroes are our enemies and our hero is considered by them. When we can not be together, about a country.

Then, Quad warned: “We are determined, determined, prepared and prepared for our country, we do not want to get a piece of the country to save it, but we want to save a laboratory, where we will be free and we will implement our ideology of Islam.”

Dear Companion: To fulfill this model, the Muslim nation is integrated into a unit under the leadership of the Muslim League flag and the Quiz Azam. They decided or decided to die, but Pakistan is the only one. As a result, our parents maintained their lives, sacrificed their dreams, spent all their wealth, Pakistan forgot everything. By the grace of God, great, Pakistan arrived on August 14, 1947.

But the president! The Hindus still had in mind the false pride of many powerful people. Therefore, their hearts did not accept Pakistan as prosperity and development.

In short, he did everything possible and in 1965 attacked Pakistan with full force at midnight. Therefore, Pakistan was very successful, but its people were the same Muslim.

Qala Islam proved to be a fortress for the enemy and in front of everyone, the land, the air or the sea, the fate of the Indians was furious and humiliated.

They forget to know that the army was the Army Sultan Khalid Bin Wali, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, Mohammad Bin Qasim, Ghoryi, and Tapio. If Tohon calls Hamail Car Jubilee, he says: Many of the Khanjar Hilal have a lot of damage
Audience attached! We go together, we will work hard and we will work hard in learning and in all fields of war. Defend the death of our country We will defend the flag of Pakistan in the Ummah of the United Nations.

I hope you guys like Pakistan Defense Day speech and Salute to those who sacrifice their life for beautiful mother Land.

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