6 September Pakistan Defense Day – What is Defense day of Pakistan and Martyrdom of 6th September 1965

What is Defense Day and Pakistan Defense Day? The Day of Defense is celebrated in Pakistan because on that day the Pakistani army stopped the Indian army from the Lahore invasion, which was about to do so by occupying its own police stations.

6 September Pakistan Defense Day

It is a day of great heroic pride for Pakistan and for all Pakistanis. “6 September” “Pakistan Defense Day” What comes to our minds somewhat numb in the blink of an eye, when we hear this date. Reminds all Pakistanis of the enormous sacrifices made to protect our beloved country, Pakistan. This history brings us on a long journey filled with memories of sacrifices made by honorable army heroes. On the occasion of the sacrifice of our soldiers.

6 September Pakistan Defense Day

After the separation of India and Pakistan in 1947, things are back to normal … although some unresolved issues, such as the water dispute and the Kashmir issue, paved the way, things have been rationalized to some point.

Then, in 1956, out of nowhere, the Indian army attacked Pakistan without any statement, no signal or warning, and it was done to scare the army and take them by surprise. Indian troops did what they could do. Imagine about the capture of Pakistan. But God alone knows. The Pakistani soldiers do not even shudder to fear for a second, but with the highest hopes in God and love for their country, the battle against those wild beasts. Fought the Pakistani army with great courage … Their weapons were the strongest of all the courage, courage, mercy and love of their country and the countless prayers they received from all over the country. Their souls were ready to honor themselves as martyrs.
This battle lasted for 17 days and the result was what the Indian did not expect. Pakistan has won this war with a great advantage that eliminates Indians in their country, Pakistan.

6 September Pakistan Defense Day

They fought so bravely that the whole world now appreciates their courage and patriotism. Many of our soldiers lost their lives during this battle, some of them very prominent, such as:
Major Aziz Bhatti: He has won numerous awards for his brilliant courage, also known as the Lahore Mahfouz. As written by Nishan Haider and “Sword of Honor”

And for those who do not know what this great man did. Just imagine for a moment. Army, battlefield, both sides are burning in the fire to each one’s blood. Both fighting with enthusiasm and energy. However, this man was not interested in what was happening around him, tried hard and told his army precise locations to attack the enemy. Just think for a moment how difficult it was to be in the middle of all this trouble. One day, unfortunately, he was hit by an army tank shell in the chest.

Martyrdom of 6th September 1965 Pakistan Defense Day

There were many others who sacrificed themselves to protect our country. I like him list of some Martyrdom of 6th September :

  • Sq.ldr Muhammad Mahmood Alam
  • The field of Badruddin Ahmed
  • Mohammed Iqbal Square
  • Sq.LDR Munir Ahmed
  • Lieutenant lies Saifullah Khan Lodhi
  • Aircraft Anwar Hussein

Not only these soldiers but many who have made their lives to protect our beloved country with the help of God.

I think the Defense Day should be overstated. Let’s tell our enemies that we are always ready in advance. On this day we have to pray for our brothers and sisters martyrs. Today is a glorious victory that has been marked as a strong achievement in history. Defense Day is a day of honor and I think people should celebrate it. There must be a national holiday. Everyone must pray for all those who have scratched themselves for our well-being. Instead, the person who uses bicycles on the roads, screams, plays loud music and creates disturbances. Our country has given us so much that it is time for us to do something in return.

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