111 best Meaningful anime quotes

Famous meaningful anime quotes about love and life.

Meaningful anime quotes

Anime has ceased to be Japan’s own to become a cultural phenomenon to the whole world.

Japanese animation has a legion of fans in all countries, due to the multitude of stories it tells through hundreds of animation series.

The meaningful quotes of anime are the best excuse to review our favorite series, their plots and our favorite characters.

If you like anime, here you will find the most mythical quotes of the series of Japanese origin.

  • Where I’m going is the path of death and that path can only be traveled by me, I do not want to see you there. Spike Spiegel
  • All hackers are the same, they are fat, they wear glasses, they are ugly. In other words, they are Otakus. Faye Valentine
  • When this is over, I will accompany you wherever you want, either in hell or under the sheets. Gintoki Sakata

Most Meaningful Anime quotes

The anime officially begins in the year 1907, in that year it receives the name of Senga eiga, literally “films of drawn lines”.

Since then this style of animation has changed a lot, however, all the productions have many points in common that make Japanese animation unmistakable.

The shape and size of the eyes, the hair, the shape of the body or the easy expressions of the characters are properties that we can perceive in all the anime series.

And of course, the way of speaking, the quotes of anime characters that we review below are the best example of the style of these characters.

  • That someone has died does not mean that they can not continue to accompany me. Goku
  • While the enemy is still standing, I will continue fighting. Vegeta
  • I love you to love you and not to be loved since nothing pleases me as much as seeing you happy. Kagome Higurashi


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Short meaningful anime quotes

We all have our favorite series, in these quotes of anime characters we have included all kinds of series, from the classic to the most modern, so you can read phrases of your favorite characters.

If you like manga and anime this is your category, and if you want to read more famous quotes from famous people, you will find them all on our page.

  • Since the day I met you I had a reason to live. I live to protect you. Protecting you is everything to me. Luka Crosszeria
  • Even if the world were to end tomorrow, I would be happy to have met you. Mamoru Chiba
  • Do not worry there is no limit to love. I will just keep loving you more and more, forever. Akihiko Usami

100 Best meaningful anime quotes

These are the best meaningful 50 anime quotes.

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1. You can only become really strong if you have something to protect.

2. A person who does not follow the rules is considered a scum, but he who does not risk his life to save a partner is worse than the scum.

3. To become old and wise, you must first be young and idiotic.

4. A man without dreams of his own has no right to make fun of others.

5. A man without dreams of his own has no right to make fun of others.

6. You can not change the world only with beautiful words.

7. You can not change the world only with beautiful words.

8. You can not eliminate all the shadows of the world only with light since wherever there is light there will always be shadows.

9. No matter how many times you knock me down, I’ll rise again and again until I see you fall.

10. The place you can call home is the one where they think and care about you.

11. If you really want someone, the only thing you want for him is his happiness, even if you can not give it to him.

12. Idiots are people who underestimate their desires when they have habre, eat. When they want to read, they look for a book. When they cry, they look for consolation. I am the type of idiot with all those desires and errors, and I am proud to be an idiot.

This is miprefe, it will have something to do because it says it L of Death.

13. Silly brother, if you want to kill me, curse me, hate me … you can lead a despicable existence if you want, run away, escape, cling to life desperately, And when you have eyes like mine, come ami.

I like this version more xD

14. I will never backtrack on my word, because that is my ninja path.

15. In this world, there is no pain greater than knowing that nasie needs you.

16. God, I’m not asking you to help me … but do not bother me either

17. Everyone has to bear the consequences of their actions, I have always believed and always believe, but has come to understand that not everyone is strong enough to do so.

18. When you want to cry, cry. When you want to laugh, laugh. But do not keep or force your feelings because that hurts you.

19. We are all alone, there is no one to be there forever, so the fact that you think that a person belongs to you is an ethic.

20. I wonder what it feels like when someone you love dies … No matter how much you want to see them again, you will not be able to do it. No matter how much you want to hear their voices, or be touched by them, it will not happen again, the warmth of those people are gone

21. I love you, not because of how you are. But because of how I am when I am with you.

22. A low provability does not mean zero

23. The flowers are born, then they wither, the stars shine, someday they are extinguished. This earth, the stars, the Sun and even the same universe will one day also be destroyed. Compared with that, the life of a man is nothing more than a parapadeo, a scant moment

24. If we are suffering it means that we are alive

25. Those who do not fear the sword they wield, have no right to wield a sword.

26. Even if we are not together, we will look at the same sky.

27. A fake smile is the best way to face difficult situations … even if it’s feigned …

28. Look where you look, there are people without whom the world striates better.

29. Do not ever confuse luck with skill.

30. A dream is just a fantasy if it is fulfilled it was never a dream.

31. I believe that I want to live preserving all my memories, however painful they may be. Even if they are memories that hurt me. Even though I sometimes want to forget them. I believe that if I keep them, if I am brave, the day will come when I can do it. more

32. Although tomorrow the world would end … I would be happy to have known you

33. Those who shoot must be willing to be shot.

34. You will have my body and my soul, but never my pride.

35. I hate that they lie to me, if they lie to me they are only giving me false hopes.

36. If the king advances first, how will his subjects follow him?

37. There are 2 types of battles, those that struggle for life and those that fight for pride.

38. That which is important to you, no matter how hard or sad it is, and even if you have to risk your life, protect it.

39. Follow your path, challenge the world and then challenge me

40. As you said, the story will be changed, but this time the writer will be me.

41. Although my voice street with death my heart will continue to speak.

42. Beauty is as ephemeral as this cherry blossom.

43. We should not shed tears because it is the defeat of our body before the heart. And that would be no more than a proof that we can not handle our own feelings.

44. There is no point in aspiring to a dream in which you have to sacrifice your friends.

45. False tears are capable of hurting others, but false smiles are only capable of hurting oneself.

46. Losing is good for the ego, it helps keep your feet on the ground.

47. You know, if we close our eyes to our mistakes and wounds, they will be there when we reopen them.

48. If you are happy, I am happy. Maybe I will not be able to think this out of my heart. But before your eyes, I wanted to appear to be a strong and tolerant person like the heroine of a manga.

49. You know nana, no matter how much we may suffer. Because the simple act of wanting someone makes the pain worthwhile.

50. What is the point of hitting people, hurts others, hurts those who hurt you, and what remains? An eye for an eye and the world will go blind.

51. What is the point of hitting people, hurts others, hurts those who hurt you, and what remains? An eye for an eye and the world will go blind.

52. All are miserable, and being miserable they need someone less miserable than them to feel good.

53. “It will not have any meaning if I do not win by my own skill and effort, that’s what the challenges are …” – Hikari Hanazono (Special A)

54. Do not use others as an excuse to try to kill me.

55. You can understand a person’s feelings by deciphering the meaning of their tears.

56. I love you to love you and not to be loved since nothing pleases me more than seeing you happy.

57. If we do not try, we will never know how our defeat was.

58. Stupid little brother … if you want to kill me … hate me, hate me … and I will survive in a miserable way. Run, run and hold on to life And one day when you get these eyes to look for me.

59. I made a promise with my own soul.

60. “To experience a correct amount of happiness you must experience the same amount of sadness as payment” – Yuuko Ichihara

61. No matter how many times you get up, there will always be someone who wants to trip you up.

62. When a door closes marking the end, another 1000 doors open marking a new beginning.

63. If at that time I had been more sensitive and I would have realized your fragility, our future would have been different

64. I’m just living a dream that I’ve never woken up from.

65. Everyone wants to be loved by the person they love.

66. If men maintain hope it is because they are unable to look death in the eye.

67. We all have to settle for our destiny and live according to their opinions … The only thing in which fate makes us equal is death.

68. Your greatest wishes will not come true if you let your fears invade you, all you need is a little determination and effort.

69. I think that I will not be able to continue being the protagonist of your story, but always my story has had only one protagonist, you.

70. The worst is not the betrayal that is seen, but the one that is not perceived.

71. If you do not win the game or complete the puzzle, you are nothing but a loser.

72. Happiness corrupts people, we adapt to the happiness we obvertimos once and we want more and more happiness.

73. Whatever happens, if a heart wishes to continue loving, this feeling will never change.

74. The future is built by oneself, day by day, and we should not let ourselves be influenced by a predetermined destiny.

75. The future is built by oneself, day by day, and we should not let ourselves be influenced by a predetermined destiny.

76. Repentance is for people who seek to reflect on their past.

76. It is not that I am suddenly strong or that I have changed in anything. What happens is that I’m going to face it. The important thing is the desire to overcome that is born of devility.

77. It is worth leaving everything behind to pursue dreams.

78. The curse of your immaturity prevents you from seeing your overconfidence.

79. To live is to survive the fight.

80. I will take your little rainbow bridge and bring its 7 colors into the darkness.

81. It is very easy to fall into the abyss … But if I can stay by your side … surely we will reach paradise.

82. The only predictable thing of the future is its unpredictability.

83. I am not saying what is good or what is wrong, I only know that the bad thing is not doing anything

84. And feel how you fall, as the black air penetrates your chest … Link the sockets of your eyes to see the blind dawn … Moriri is what I feel but in reality, I do not feel anything.

85. And feel how you fall, as the black air penetrates your chest … Link the sockets of your eyes to see the blind dawn … Moriri is what I feel but in reality, I do not feel anything.

86. You can never understand what surrounds you because you still do not know the universe that is inside you.

87. We both look for the reason for our existence, we may have to look for it since it does not exist.

88. It rains in the land of cherry trees and their god cries, the delicate petals fall and their demon laughs.

89. In dark times, hope is the only thing you do not want to lose, there lies the meaning of inner strength.

90. Pre-select your memories and stay with those who hurt you the most

91. That’s right, we have no destiny. Only those devoured by ignorance and fear take false steps can fall into the swamp we call destiny.

92. Why are beautiful things in museums? It is for all to see because being admired is their destiny.

93. I think that when you look someone in the eye, you can see yourself reflected in them, but if you look away you’re lost, and I do not want to lose.

94. As always, the dream we are pursuing and the reality that is imposed on us is not very similar … happiness is never perfect.

95. Suddenly he felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness, seeing that his dream had finally come true

96. The important thing is not to win Come on, make an effort to reach the goal, although you will get lost in the road anyway. I want to lose the other.

97. The hope and destiny of mankind are tacked to suffering.

98. Fuietes able to snatch my happiness, but also to debug me.

99. Follow the teachings of God, and then, the sea will bless you with generosity and the storms will cease

100. I will always be like a wall to you that you would try to pierce in your heart, even if you hated me.

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