Why do we celebrate Independence Day in India?

Why do we celebrate Independence Day in India

August 15, INDEPENDENCE DAY in the history of India. Independence day is a very important day for India. 15 August declared a national holiday. The day of August celebrated all the people in the country. The day of independence remind sacrifices, bravery and those who fought valiantly and gave their life for their country and nation. Why do […]

Republic day speech in English for teachers

republic day speech in English

Republic Day is experiencing the enthusiasm, citizens to celebrate each other’s January 26 speeches to make the Republic Day calls. Google did not forget the Republic Day, the glorious flag of the doodle, 26 January , the site has made people proud Republic day speeches Republic day is very precious day for all of us. […]

The 45 best happy independence day quotes

best happy independence day quotes

In this article we are going to compile the best happy independence day quotes pronounced by great thinkers , politicians and philosophers of history. A moral value not only used in politics but also to define free thought. Independence is an ethical value in vogue in recent years . Associated with the notion of freedom, […]

Labor Day – 20 Best happy Labor Day quotes wishes and messages

happy Labor Day quotes wishes and messages

Let’s celebrate labor day with these beautiful quotes wishes and messages. On the 1st Monday of the September people of united state celebrate Labor Day. Labor day is a public holiday and they celebrate well in the honor of Labor movement and their contribution. Labor day is also known as International workers day. Labor day celebrated all over […]

6th September Pakistan Defense day speech in English 2018

Pakistan Defense Day Speech

6th September Pakistan Defense day speech-1 6th September Defense Day Speech: The Day of Defense is celebrated on September 6. It is a national holiday in Pakistan to celebrate the success. The war of Pakistan against India in 1965 celebrated on 6th September in the memory of the people and martyrs. The country has sacrificed […]

Happy 72 Independence Day India 15 August 2019

Happy Independence Day India

Happy Independence Day India: We often talk about Independence Day India and Pakistan that is celebrated on 14 and 15 August every year. But sometimes we people of India and Pakistan forget about how we get Independence day and how many brave people fought against that cruel person with chivalry. So this post is the […]

Short Speech on Independence day for school students 2019

Short speech on independence day for school students

The Short speech on independence day for school students: On 14 and 15 August 1947 both Pakistan and India got freedom from English and the day is written in history with golden words. People of both countries celebrate this day with so much excitement. On 14 and 15 August, we all remember our leaders, people […]

Top 30 Inspiring Quotes about Independence Day 2018

Quotes about Independence Day

Quotes about Independence Day 2018: Independence Day is one of the best days and holidays of a free nation, what we celebrate and how we celebrate it. However, freedom is not easy to take and how difficult it is to obtain freedom. My family and I will be there when we celebrate Independence Day. But […]